New Jackals for Scottish and North Irish Yeomanry

New Jackals for Scottish and North Irish Yeomanry

New Jackals Scottish and North Irish Yeomanry

first published: 27 February 2020

B Squadron under training on the Jackal. (Photograph: North Irish Horse)

On 23 February members of B (North Irish Horse) Squadron, The Scottish & North Irish Yeomanry – who are paired with the Regular Army’s Royal Scots Dragoon Guards – marked the end of a 2-week course camp concentration were members gained training and qualifications using the GPMG, HMG, and the new Jackal platform. As the lead Squadron for gunnery in the Regiment, the GPMG and HMG courses were conducted at Magilligan Training Centre.

The Jackal Commander and Driver courses were conducted out of both Leuchars and C (FFY/SH) Squadron. The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards provided instructors and facilities: an example of the Paired Regular and Reserve working relationship. All of the Jackal Drivers gained their Cat C Licence through the Army. The new vehicles will allow Scotland and Northern Ireland’s Army Reservists to perform their reconnaissance and scouting tasks to an even higher level.

The Jackal 2

The Jackal 2 is a tactical support vehicle high mobility weapons platform patrol and reconnaissance vehicle produced by Supacat of Honiton – responsible for the design and programme management – and Babcock Marine subsidiary Devonport Management Ltd, which will manufacture the vehicles at its Devonport facility. The Jackal’s height-adjustable suspension system can be be lowered to give a stable platform, or raised to clear high obstacles.

Jackal 2: 4×4
Length: 5.39m
Width: 2.00m
Height: 197m
Weight: 6,650Kg
Maximum Speed on Road: 80mph (129km/h)
Maximum Speed on Rough Terrain: 55mph (89km/h)
Turning Circle: 17.5m
Ground Clearance: 280mm-530mm
Range: 800km-1,000km
Engine: 6.7l diesel Cummins ISRe Euro 3, Allison 2500 automatic 5-speed transmission

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